O1 e-TRAUMA Guidelines

The e-TRAUMA Guidelines is an online information resource providing up-to-date treatment guidelines to orthopedic professionals for the management of life threatening skeletal injuries, including fractures in poly-trauma, complex and open fractures, acute peripheral ischemia, compartment syndromes. The learning teaching material represents an easy to follow guidelines that enable practitioners to look up a pathology and quickly see the recommended orthopedic strategy. Phases of treatment are defined to clearly show goals, precautions, treatment strategies and criteria for surgery.

The guide will be based on existent procedures and on intensive research on EU recommendations and will include 15 procedures and and an up to date bibliographic e- resource.

O2 e-TRAUMA video database

The video database represents a learning and teaching material addressing to the enhancement of practical skills of trainees. It refers to the development of 12 videos in direct relationship with the procedures in the E-Trauma guidelines.

For each procedure from the guide there are corespondent videos developed by partners by filming real surgeries and capturing in real practice the manoeuvres presented in the guide.

Available on e-TRAUMA platform after registration

O3 e-TRAUMA e-learning platform

The main goal of the e-learning application is to give students the possibility to follow training materials, evaluate knowledge and communicate with all involved parties. There will be an e-learning course that can be followed free of charge by all orthopaedicians. Certification will be offered by EMC credits in every participant country, according to national rules.

Available on e-TRAUMA platform after registration

O4- e-TRAUMA database of case studies

The database of case studies consists of a repository of training material with real clinical case studies using digital imaging and accompanying notes with a multi language user interface and an assessment system. This will function as a virtual medical environment, similar with the work place.

Available on e-TRAUMA platform after registration

O5 – e-TRAUMA Trainers Transversal KIT