Display Tool


1 Display Tool

1.1 Introduction

The Display Tool is the main interface point with the student. The student invokes the Display Tool by just selecting the appropriate activity in the lesson.

1.2 First Contact

The title and the case’s description that are displayed in the initial screen of the Display Tool have been entered in case configuration page as it is illustrated at Illustration.

Illustration 1: Display Tool: First Contact

The student can navigate between pages by using the buttons on the upper part of the screen. The clock that shows the remaining time for the lesson completion is displayed in the lower-right part of the screen. It has two mode: the compact mode which it is the default and the expanded mode which it is evoked by clicking the compact clock. Illustration 2 shows these two clock versions.

Illustration 2: Clock showing the remaining time until the lesson completion (a) compact version (b) expanded version

1.3 Pages Types

A lesson consists of a collection of pages. Each page may contain theory or questions towards the students. The pages that are compose of questions expect feedback from the student. Depending of the page type the answers are ranging from selecting the correct hotspots in an image to picking up the correct phrases(quiz). Then, the Display Tool informs the student if his answer is correct or wrong (Illustration (a) and (b)). The Display Tool may provide the correct answer if the student answer it wrong but only by the teacher consent.

Illustration 3: Responses to the students answers (a) response to a correct answer (b) response to a wrong answer

1.3.1 Image - Text

The Image - Text page type is used to present theory pages which they contain just an image and text. Moreover, it may used for hotspot identification by the students.

Illustration 4: Image Tools

When a page contains an image, the student has in his disposal a number of tools in order to manipulate the image to help him answer the question. Illustration depicts those tools. From left to right:

Illustration 5: Line drawing and angle calculation

The Illustration shows the image - text page type when involves hotspot identification. The student by pressing the Hotspot Drawing Tool must point in the image the correct area. The number of required hotspots are defined from the question. The hotspot can be deleted by hovering the mouse cursor over it and pressing the left button. When the required hotspots are created by the student, the “Submit your Answer” button appears and the answer is ready to be send.

Illustration 6: Image - Text

1.3.2 Image - Quiz

The image (Illustration ) shows how Display Tool illustrates the Image - Quiz page type. The student can select one or more choices from the available answers. When at least one answer is selected, a button labeled “Submit your Answer” will appear. The student by pressing this button, he submit his answer.

Illustration 7: Image - Quiz

1.3.3 Image - Range Quiz

The Image - Range Quiz page type requires the student to submit a value by studying the associate image and deduce from it the correct answer. He has in his disposal all the image tools that are described earlier (including the cross-line mode) to figure out the answer. When he enters a value the “Submit your Answer” button appears so that he may submit it.

1.3.4 Video - Text

The Video - Text page type is used only for theory and not for student's evaluation. It is not requires any action from the student. The authoring teacher provides a video and a text that highlights the more relevant points of it.

Illustration 8: Image - Range Quiz

1.3.5 Video - Quiz

The Video - Quiz page type is like the Image - Quiz, where instead of an image there is a video. The student can watch the accompany video and then, he must select one or more choices from the available answers. When at least one answer is selected, a button labeled “Submit your Answer” will appear. The student by pressing this button, he submit his answer.

1.3.6 Text - Quiz

The Text - Quiz page type is a classic non-multimedia quiz where the student reads the question and the accompany theory and selects one or more answers from the provided answers.

Illustration 9: Video - Quiz